Feeling the power with every fiber Pools and ponds

Immersion means completely surrendering to the elements. Where water touches stone, energy starts to flow because the landscape reclaims its place and makes the place a source of power for the senses.

Experience enthusiasm in the middle of nature Swimming pools

Those who allow themselves to be penetrated by the silence of water and embraced by the power of gneiss can rediscover tranquility. External and internal cladding of swimming pools with various surface and edge finishes create excitement and a fascinating experience of nature.

Enjoy nature to the fullest Swimming ponds

Admiring the natural environment with its scents and colors, its beauty becomes a reflection of one’s state of mind. From gneiss various elements can be made that are very suitable for the realization of natural oases and swimming ponds.

Recommended surfaces

We show you which surfaces and visible edge finishes are suitable. Benefit from our many years of experience.