Stairs Taking ambience to the next level

With stairs made of gneiss, differences in height can be overcome with confidence and style. Inside as well as outside they provide connecting elements for an appealing ambience without functionality stopping halfway.

A clear path External stairs

Whether beginning or end: stairs always tell a story. With them, the way up or down opens up in any weather. You can choose from natural split or blasted (sand-blasted, flamed, bush-hammered) treads or block steps with various visible edge finishes.

Connection with safety Internal stairs

Gneiss creates a connection over several steps, and every careful detail in the processing makes the stone a source of safety. Step slabs are available in various surface and visible edge finishes, the dimensions and thicknesses are cut individually according to customer requirements.

Recommended surfaces

We show you which surfaces and visible edge finishes are suitable for exterior floors. Benefit from our many years of experience.