Our craft is from the Stone Age, our way of working from the present. Alfredo Polti SA company

The company Alfredo Polti SA is a typical family business, as it often is in the natural stone industry in the south of Switzerland. Our secret is our strong foundation. For more than 100 years we have been living the tradition of craftsmanship in the Calanca Valley, yet our way of working and our philosophy are anything but outdated.

We are committed to continuity. This is reflected in the constant quality of the material, but also in our company history. The long-standing collaboration of our team creates trust, because we can pass on experience and values and offer our customers know-how as well as a reliable and personal service.

Chisel, stone, paper

Sustainable success is no coincidence, but a conscious decision. That is why the respectful use of resources and the production of meaningful products are at the center of our activities. In order to keep the balance between supply and demand, we always plan our work with the quarried quantity.

With our commitment, we get the ball rolling, and with ISO certification, we put the commitment on paper. Regular investments in further training and infrastructure are a must for us, because this keeps us competitive and at the same time honors the image of natural stone.

Vania Polti Ambrosini – Head of administration [email protected] +41 91 827 46 06
Giovanni Polti – Head of operations [email protected] +41 91 827 24 42
Roberto Banfi – Work preparation specialist [email protected] +41 91 827 24 42
Annuska Polti – Administrative assistant amm@alfredopolti,ch +41 91 827 46 06
Martin Gonzalez – Production manager
Andrea Santinato – Quarry manager
Aldo Filosi
Alessandro Fobelli
Alex Franciolli
Antonio De Marco
Antonio Ginestroni
Casimiro Chan
Diogo Ramalho
Emanuel Barros
Eros Scaramella
Eugenio Margaroli
Franco Lia
Hugo Correia
Jacinto Camiña
Javier Chan
Jesus Rodriguez
Joel Garrido
Jordan Mendolia
José Maria Oubiña
Juan Silva
Kelvin Holguin
Leandro Galli
Maurizio Ginestroni
Michel Del Zoppo
Nedim Zaimi
Oscar Benedetti
Renato Stefanetta
Ricardo Pereira
Telmo De Freitas
Wilmo Ferraris