From the treasure trove of the Alps Calanca Gneiss makes its own way

Deep in the continent’s core, one of the oldest rock formations on earth was formed over 300 million years ago: Calanca Gneiss. The gray natural stone surfaced with the Alps 65 million years ago. It is still bursting with power and does not let anything or anyone take away its shimmer. It has been waiting like a hidden treasure to be discovered and has been mined in the Calanca Valley since 1920.

300 millions of years old
11.5 ha area
140 tons per day
100 % material used
A family business in its third generation The Alfredo Polti SA company

“Continuous training and modern infrastructure are a must for us, because they keep us competitive and honor the reputation of natural stone.”

Sustainability is a conscious decision Our commitment

We are committed to giving everyone sustainable access to a unique Swiss product. With our commitment, we get the ball rolling and with ISO certification, we put the commitment on paper.

Calanca Gneiss makes nature shimmer in its most beautiful facets. Areas of application of Calanca Gneiss